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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

From gleaming waterfalls to majestic panoramic views there’s never any shortage of ways to experience Mother Nature at her finest in western Massachusetts.
Seasoned visitors and residents might already be familiar with the more established destinations and activities, such as hiking Mount Greylock or whitewater rafting at Zoar Outdoor.
These well known pursuits are always worth a trip (or a return trip!), and now, there’s another one to add to the list for this summer: Ramblewild, the tree-to-tree adventure park.
Here’s a quick introduction.
Ramblewild Tree Adventure smaller

Taking the next step at Ramblewild

Based in Lanesborough, which is quite close to the border between Massachusetts and New York, Ramblewild offers nine acres of outdoor exploration and exhilaration.
Since its opening last year, the park has already turned quite a few heads, with Yankee Magazine selecting it as the top tree-to-tree adventure spot in New England.
Ramblewild is open year-round, but has extended hours during the summer months. Between now through early September 2015, Ramblewild will be open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., offering ample opportunity to swing through.
During the fall, winter and spring, the park is open on weekends. Entry is for those aged seven and above, something good for parents with young ones to bear in mind.
Ramblewild Course

The course awaits at Ramblewild

So, what’s Ramblewild all about?
There are eight aerial trails inside the park, each of which start from a tree fort suspended 15 feet above the ground. Every trail consists of around 15 “elements,” which are bound to quicken guests’ heartbeats and get their adrenaline going.
High wires, ziplines, rope ladders, cargo nets, suspended bridges and balancing logs are just a few of the trappings that await visitors. Truly intrepid guests can test their mettle by ziplining across an 80-foot ravine, which also has a 200-foot suspension bridge above it.
Ziplining at Ramblewild smaller

Ziplining through the canopy

Along with the main course, there are a few special events taking place at Ramblewild during the next few months.
The Full Moon Adventures, when the moon acts as a guide, will be July 31 and August 29. Full Moon Adventure tickets buy two hours of access to Ramblewild, beginning at 7:30 p.m.
Twilight Aerial Adventure passes, available through Labor Day, present a chance to explore the aerial obstacle course from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m., as the sun goes down. During a Twilight Adventure, visitors will get 2.5 hours in the park.
Ramblewild Zipline smaller

All smiles at Ramblewild

Ramblewild isn’t just a good time, either; it’s a sustainably good time!
The park chooses to not use nails or screws in any of the trees, ensuring that the course minimizes its footprint and doesn’t damage the trees that comprise the adventure course.
Ramblewild Lanesborough smaller

Twinkle toes on the obstacle course!

While Ramblewild itself does not have dining or lodging on-site, it’s quite close to a number of locations that offer both. Here’s a handy rundown from the website, an excellent resource to check before planning a trip.
For driving directions, click here. And for ticket prices, just click here. Happy adventuring, everybody!


Businesses Highlighted in this Post