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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Summer should never end with your flip-flops unworn and travel list untouched.
There’s much to see and time is limited. So, how should you spend it?
Well, there are all kinds of good ways, but if you’re looking for the absolute best, look no further than our new #NoSummerRegrets microsite.
#NoSummerRegrets is exactly what it sounds like: a readymade guide to exploring and experiencing the most epic summer possible in Massachusetts.

Those seeking out a little inspiration will find plenty of it on the site.
The menu, located on the upper-right hand of the home page, offers a selection of eight courses. History buffs and art aficionados might find the apple of their eye in Museums, which serves up several of Massachusetts’ finest.
For something to get the adrenaline pumping just a little bit more, the Adventure section is perfect, with options for hot air-balloon rides, whitewater rafting and falling out of the sky (safely, of course).
Skydive Pepperell

Like this! At Skydive Pepperell

To see the full list, including suggestions for Shopping, Food & Drink, Golfing, Breweries & Wineries, Beaches and Music & Festivals just click here.
The recommendations are a good start. To take your summer to the next level, the challenges are even better.
During each week of summer, beginning in June and lasting into August, there will be a new #NoSummerRegrets challenge.
#NoSummerRegrets Challenges

The challenge to begin June is “Have an Adventure”

We’ll announce the challenges every Monday on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and we’ll also be featuring several #NoSummerRegrets photos on Instagram each week, too.
If you’d like to take part in a #NoSummerRegrets challenge, it’s easy!
First, make sure you know the challenge. Then, snap a photo on Instagram and post it with the hashtags #NoSummerRegrets + #ChallengeAccepted.
After you’re done, keep an eye on the site to check if your photo gets picked out.
#NoSummerRegrets Massachusetts

Lots of adventuring going on around Massachusetts

Veterans Park Beach

Veterans Park Beach in Hyannis, MA by @asdrawdy on Instagram

Keep an eye on our Instagram account and Facebook page as well, where we’ll be featuring new #NoSummerRegrets photos every week.
What’s at the top of your Massachusetts summer travel list? Let us know below in the comments!