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A hub for historic and unique attractions, Massachusetts is also a home to quite a number of charming and out-of-the-ordinary places to stay.

With some folks soon setting out for April vacation and many more looking forward to a little summer travel, we’ll be shining a spotlight on some of these lodgings during the next couple of months.
First up: a classic farm stay at Stonehaven Family Farm!
Located along the South Shore in Westport, MA, the Stonehaven Family Farm offers outdoor enthusiasts, animal-lovers and environmentalists a truly memorable experience without even leaving the premises. Guests can enjoy the quiet life in the pasture and participate in the farm upkeep for an authentic way to reconnect with nature. Here’s a closer look at what’s involved in a stay on Stonehaven Farm.
Stonehaven Farm

Photo: Stonehaven farmhouse via Stonehaven Family Farm on Facebook

How a Farm Stay Works
Not to be confused with a traditional B&B visit, a farm stay requires guests to participate in farm life, guaranteeing memories that are anything but average. With a focus on sustainable agriculture and heritage breeds, this is an experience you truly won’t find at a typical hotel.
Depending on how much or how little guests would like to assist in the farm work, they may tailor their time on the farm to require varying levels of energy and education.
The farm’s daily tasks, especially those that involve animals and livestock, are a treat for any family or for anyone fond of animals. Young guests have the opportunity to feed the baby lambs, ducks and chickens and herd the sheep with Cody, the farm’s friendly Border Collie. Gardening chores, which include weeding, planting and picking, present the perfect opportunity for any budding horticulturalists to learn all about growing and cooking seasonal produce.
Stonehaven Lambs

Photo: Lambs at the farm via Stonehaven Family Farm on Facebook

While life on the farm is rustic, the farmhouse rooms are nothing short of luxurious. A guest suite includes a cathedral ceiling, Jacuzzi and private balcony, with a scenic view of the Westport River, and just down the hall is a room with two twin beds suitable for children.
Every morning, guests can wake up to the smell of a fresh batch of eggs for breakfast prepared by Virginia, the farm’s warm and friendly hostess (and if that doesn’t get you out of bed, surely the rooster will!). When the farm work’s done, there’s still time in the day to read on the porch or explore the area.
Stonehaven Room

Photo: Stonehaven Farm guest room via Stonehaven Family Farm on Facebook

Nearby Attractions
After a little work on the farm, it will be high time to relax! Outside of the farm’s grounds, you can try your hand at kayaking and paddling at Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures, which provides a handful of different ways to traverse and enjoy the Westport River.
To unwind in a rather different way, the Westport Rivers Vineyard, a favorite stop along the Coastal Wine Trail, is just about a five-minute drive from the farm. Also nearby is Marguerites Restaurant, well known for its locally harvested produce, fresh seafood, and all natural poultry. And just a five-mile bike ride away is the beautiful Horseneck Beach State Reservation, where you can take in the sounds and smells of the ocean (directions here). For a closer look at nearby attractions, activities and what to do on a rainy day, click here.
So, if you’re the kind of person who loves great outdoors and could use a few days of absolute peace, or if you have an energetic, animal-loving family, the Stonehaven Family Farm is right up your alley! When you’re ready to book your stay, click here or call Virginia at 508-636-1361.
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What’s the most original place that you’ve ever stayed at in the Commonwealth? Tell us below in the comments!