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Posted by Julie Bryant, guest blogger of Amazing Jules Photography

Winter and staying on Cape Cod are terms that don’t always go together. That is the beauty of it! For us locals, or “wash a-shores,” we all know too well how beautiful the winter months can be. For starters, the surroundings are virtually empty, free of charge, and easily accessible.

Often times, I just pick a beach, get in my vehicle and go explore! If you try doing that in the summer on Cape Cod, it’s a whole lot harder. Living here, there is something priceless about seeing the fresh snowfall on the beach with nothing around except for the sound of your own breath, the ocean pounding, and a few seagulls in sight. This is what I call my permanent vacation.
Creating Waves Esatham

“Crashing Waves” ~ Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, MA by Amazing Jules Photography

This season has been especially breathtaking with the many snowstorms that have hit Cape Cod. Like a little kid waiting to go sledding, I often can’t wait to grab my camera to see what I can find changed under a blanket of snow. Sunset by far has been my favorite time to photograph, as it turns the snow into a brilliant pink and gold.
Pink and Gold at Smuggler Beach

“Pink and Gold” ~ Smugglers Beach in Yarmouth, MA by Amazing Jules Photography

Last Light

“Last Light” ~ Smugglers Beach in Yarmouth, MA by Amazing Jules Photography

Lifeguard chairs now empty turn into gorgeous silhouettes and reminders of summers months to come against the setting sun.
Veil of Pink ~ Smugglers Beach, Yarmouth

“Veil of Pink” ~ Smugglers Beach in Yarmouth, MA by Amazing Jules Photography

This winter the arctic blast on Cape Cod not only brought the cold, but also a rare sighting: the Snowy White Owl! Now checking one off of my bucket list, I have spent many hours hiking all around the marshes and beaches just for a glimpse of this awesome bird! West Dennis Beach, in West Dennis off of Route 28, has been a hot spot for the owls temporary home. Because it was reported in the local papers, and word of mouth travels fast on “Cape Cod small,” as I call it, just look for the cars and many cameras clicking away for the chance sighting.
Snowy White Owl

“Snowy White Owl” ~ West Dennis Beach in West Dennis, MA by Amazing Jules Photography

Snowy White Owl in Beach Grass

“Snowy White Owl in Beach Grass” ~ West Dennis Beach in West Dennis, MA by Amazing Jules Photography

With the snowstorms also come great waves! Traveling out to the outer Cape just to see the power of the ocean is something not to be missed. If you are a brave soul and, like me, don’t mind the chilly temperatures, then catching a wave can be a great way to spend the afternoon. Mind you there will be no lifeguards on duty!
No Life Guard in Yarmouth

“No Lifeguard On Duty” ~ Sea Gull Beach in Yarmouth, MA by Amazing Jules Photography

Surf Eashtam

“Surf’s Up” ~ Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, MA by Amazing Jules Photography

Finally, traveling to the very tip of Cape Cod brings us to Truro and Provincetown. Bustling in the summer months, it is now a quiet place to reflect and enjoy the natural surroundings. The landmark green and white cottages of Truro are now closed for the season, but still great to view. Driving further out, Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown has been a favorite spot for a quick hike along the shoreline. On a clear day, Race Point Lighthouse can be seen in the distance.
Green and White Cottages - Truro

“Green and White Cottages” ~ Truro, MA by Amazing Jules Photography

Race Point Lighthouse - Provincetown

“Race Point Lighthouse” ~ Provincetown, MA by Amazing Jules Photography

Traveling to the very end of Massachusetts, all the way to Provincetown, gives you the chance to catch a spectacular sunset with the silhouette of the historic Pilgrim Monument on the skyline. After the sunset, be sure to check out the stars. They appear so crystal clear while standing on the beach that you almost feel like you could touch them!
I would like to dedicate this blog post to the memory of my brother Jay Bryant. Because of him, I pick up my camera and explore!
Julie Bryant is a Massachusetts-based photographer who enjoys spending her time exploring and cataloging her outdoor adventures. You can find more work from Amazing Jules Photography here. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.
Photo at the top: “Pilgrim Monument” ~ Provincetown