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Massachusetts sports a trail and hiking path for adventurers of all skill levels and interests — everything from the likes of the Appalachian Trail to the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, and many more — all of which can be discovered on our hiking page.

Today on MassFinds, we’re focused in on a few scenic hiking spots that the western part of the state has to offer; including a set of notable Massachusetts waterfalls, and a view that you’ll never forget!

Chapel Brook Reservation, Ashfield, MA
Along the Chapel Brook Reservation, you’ll find Pony Mountain, a 1,420-foot hike (only 1,400 feet, but known to be exhilarating!), and Chapel Ledge, a 100-foot cliff that attracts skilled rock climbers, as well as Chapel Falls, which provides a set of three waterfalls, and a collection of pools down stream perfect for a summer swim.

Chapel Falls by Evan Gregg

The Clark Grounds & Stone Hill, Williamstown, MA
Located in a magnificent, natural setting, the grounds of The Clark offer 140-acres of lawns, meadows, and walking trails, all of which provide a spectacular view of Williamstown and surrounding mountains. For a detailed trail map, click here. The Clark also offers a unique activity called, “Geocaching,” where visitors set out on a GPS-style treasure hunt!

Hiking on Stone Hill

Hoosac Range, North Adams, MA
With its cliffs, the Hoosac Range’s ridgeline trail provides dramatic scenery, making this one of the top hiking and sightseeing spots in North Adams. Ambitious hikers will take to the full three-mile trail, which goes all the way to Spruce Hill. For those without the time or the inclination to undertake the three-mile trek, an abbreviated trail, which spans only 1.5 miles to Sunset Rock, provides a welcome alternative. Click here for more information.

Olivia’s Overlook, Richmond & Lenox, MA
Managed by the Berkshires Natural Resource Council, Olivia’s Overlook is located on North Yokun Ridge between West Stockbridge Mountain and Lenox Mountain, providing a high quality hiking experience, and a view over the Shadowbrook Reservoir. For property info, including a trail map, click here.

Olivia’s Overlook by Tim Grafft

Monument Mountain, Squaw Peak, Great Barrington, MA
One of Massachusetts’ must-see, natural views, sitting 1,642-feet from the base of Monument Mountain, Squaw Peak regularly attracts 20,000 visitors each year, providing views of Mount Greylock, the Vermont border, and even the Catskills of New York. It’s a hike that will require a basic level of fitness, and a pair of sturdy shoes, but nonetheless, a view worth earning. For more information on all things Monument Mountain and Squaw Peak, click here.

Where’s your favorite place in Massachusetts for a hike? Tell us in the comments below! 🙂
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