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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

The fall season is in full swing; festivities are underway, leaves are beginning to turn, and photos are ready for the taking, or in this case, sharing, as well!
Between our photo albums on Flickr and Pinterest, we’re delighted to provide a vibrant glimpse of all that Massachusetts has to offer through an endless set of engaging images. And on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve seen a fantastic response from our fans, who continue to wow us with the photos that they share on our Facebook page – so much so, that we even turned a collection of those photos into a recent blog post!

So, to keep that momentum going, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be joining the photo sharing fun on Instagram!
How can you find us?
Simply do an Instagram ‘user’ search for @VisitMA or “Visit Massachusetts,” or for those of you that utilize, click here. You’ll find us Instagraming all things Massachusetts — from local culture to our undeniably beautiful outdoor surroundings.
Now, we’d be totally remiss to treat Instagram as a one-way street! Not only do we want you to find us, but we’d also love for you to join us!
We invite you to tag your favorite photos taken in #Massachusetts with #VisitMA to give us permission to repost them to our followers — we’ll also share them on our other social networks, which include: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
So, let the captivating and travel-inspiring photo sharing continue by meeting us on Instagram, as we tout and feature the beautiful ins and outs of #VisitMA!
Side note: make sure to also stay tuned for our new weekly Facebook photo themes! Each week on Facebook throughout the fall season, we’ll announce a photo theme inviting our Facebook fans to post relevant photos. From there, we’ll take all of the photos received, and present them in an album at the end of the week.