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Massachusetts boasts an endless amount of sights and attractions; from its history to sports and beyond, there’s no shortage of guided tours and cultural experiences between Boston’s Harbor and the Berkshire Hills. And, admittedly, we’d be remiss not to mention the same notion of the Bay State’s culinary scene.
So, how can the common foodie-sightseeing-enthusiast combine the two? Easy, a local food tour!
Recently, just North of Boston, Salem Food Tours launched, offering guided walking tours and tastings at a number of renowned local shops and restaurants — ultimately, adding a new means to taking in all that this historically-vibrant city has to offer.
Attendees experience Salem as truly a food lover’s city through a unique sensory journey while learning about Salem’s spice trade, gastronomy, history, and more.
As Karen Scalia, Founder and Owner of Salem Food Tours explains, “Salem is known for its great shops and delicious restaurants, but many people are unsure where to venture first, or they simply want to try new things. Our Tour gives the food lover a unique and delicious view of Salem.”
The tour provides a unique, intimate feel with 5-12 total attendees, inviting guests to engage in conversation with local chefs and shop owners while learning about their passions for great local food — and with a commitment to fresh fare, each select stop along the tour features one locally sourced item.

The tours stretch across 2-miles of Salem’s downtown and waterfront areas, and are offered Tuesday–Sunday in the afternoon, starting around 2 PM and lasting approximately three hours. Attendees are guaranteed five unique stops along their list of Tour Partners. Monthly Vegan Tours are also offered, as well as the availability for private tours.

For more information, please visit and visit Salem Food Tours on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
For more information on Salem and local accommodations, click here. You can also follow @DestSalem on Twitter, and visit them on Facebook.
Where’s your favorite spot in Salem to grab a bite?
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