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There’s certainly no shortage of hikes in Massachusetts, and with the recent additions to the Massachusetts Wine and Cheese Trail, we’d like you to discover some fun where the two activities meet – where outdoors enthusiasts and oenophiles alike gather for a classic Berkshires experience.
Combine a night hike lit with a blue moon, followed up by a bonfire, and a series of tastings from an award-winning set of wines, and you have yourself the “Once in a Blue Moon Hike & Bonfire” at Hilltop Orchards, a historic apple orchard located in the bucolic town of Richmond, nestled in the Berkshires.
This Friday, August 31st, at 8:00 p.m., Holly Brouker, Hilltop’s expert guide will lead a group of sixty along an interactive hike at easy-to-moderate level in and around the area surrounding the orchards. The hike will last approximately 90 minutes, and is full of interesting tidbits, and Native American traditions related to the moonlight.
The hike initially began as a seasonal full moon hike, guiding patrons along a scenic Berkshire snowshoe trek – out of popularity, though, the good folks at Hilltop Orchards decided to offer the hike once per month, year round, and in this case, once in a blue moon, twice.
The excursion winds its way through a collection of picturesque Berkshires landscapes, eventually returning participants to the site of their departure – greeting hikers with the perfect nightcap: a little live music, and a selection of award-winning tastes from Hilltop’s wines and cider, all encompassed by the warmth of a bonfire.

Hikers are rewarded with tastings of up to six of Hilltop Orchards’ award-winning Furnace Brook Winery wines and cider, where all of the beverages, including the Sparkling Muscato, which was the 2010 Wine Competition Best of State winner and is known in some circles as “party in a bottle,” are produced on site.

For those who work up a bit of an appetite during the trip, Hilltop also features a bevy of tasty attractions, including artisan cheeses, honey, jams, salsa, the famous apple cider doughnuts, and much more.

In creating these treats, Hilltop Orchard uses some of the freshest local ingredients around, a fact that always impresses leading culinary experts, such as the one, pictured below, inspecting an apple.

The hike is a popular event and only accommodates a total 60 people, so interested parties should make reservations in advance by calling 800-833-6274. Since adult beverages are available after the hike, participants must be 21 years or older. Also, Holly the guide, waits for no one, so make sure to check in on time.
Other upcoming full moon hikes include Saturday, September 29th, and Saturday, October 27th.
If you’re interested in staying overnight, the folks at Hilltop recommend that you check out the Garden Gables Inn, an elegant Inn with four-star amenities, siting on five lush acres just steps from Lenox Village. For information on accommodations, click here, and for a complete listing of the many of beautiful Berkshire lodging options, click here.
To keep in touch with Hilltop Orchards events and happenings, make sure to like them on Facebook, and follow @HilltopOrchards on Twitter.
Hilltop Orchards is located at 508 Canaan Road, Richmond, MA 01254.

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