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Posted by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

With April school vacation set to kickoff next week, the activities, places to see, and events are endless. So, today on MassFinds, we are bringing something a little different to your list of April school vacation family to-dos.
Back in March, we highlighted a few of Massachusetts’ noteworthy spring hikes, and there is no doubt that each one of them deserves a spot on your April vacation to-do list. But, along the lines of a Massachusetts “find,” there’s a spring hike that, in some ways, is more of a spring mission.
Nestled deep in the Douglas State Forest, located in Douglas, MA, you’ll find the Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island tri-state boundary marker – a local landmark that has stood for nearly 150 years, giving local hikers and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to go out, track down its coordinates, and stand in three places at once!
Often dubbed as not-very-easy-to-find, the marker is about a mile inward from the nearest road, and has a number of trails that lead to it.
In visiting the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s website, you’ll find a number of resources that will help determine the best possible route to reaching the tri-state marker – that of which includes a basic trail map, along with a map in much more detail.
If you’re feeling adventurous this April school vacation, a spring hike mission to find the MA, CT, RI tri-state boundary marker should certainly be in the mix.
Douglas State Forrest itself, is located at 107 Wallum Lake Rd, in Douglas, MA, and can be contacted by calling 508-476-7872.
A number of locals have tracked down the boundary marker and have featured their experience on the web – so, we ask you: if you decide to embark on this adventure, make sure to take a few photos along the way, and post them on our Facebook wall, we would love to see how you made out! 🙂

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