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Chef Daniel Bruce, Savoring Food and Wine

MOTT recently caught up with Chef Daniel Bruce, celebrated chef at the Boston Harbor Hotel and its signature restaurant, Meritage. Chef Bruce is founder of the Boston Wine Festival which celebrates its 28th season this year and runs from January 13 through March 31, 2017. As the nation’s longest running event of its kind, it’s worth noting the breadth and volume of creative cuisine that has gone from kitchen to palate. From the Festival’s inception, Chef Bruce has expertly crafted thousands of unique dishes, designed to complement the finest vino. Discerning palates rejoice, as this season’s lineup is sure to please.

pouring_spotlightchefbrucephoto source: Boston Wine Festival

Chef, how do you keep patrons returning to the Boston Wine Festival over nearly three decades?
The most important reason for the longevity of the Boston Wine Festival is the loyalty of our patrons, winemakers and of course, my staff.  The warm and professional service and the strong relationships I have with the winemakers have made it possible for such a long run.  Seasoned patrons join us to experience the Festival’s newest vineyards, along with their favorites that return year after year. We have word of mouth, as well, to thank for newcomers. The Festival keeps getting better and more exciting every winter.

People seem more passionate than ever about food & wine.  Why is that?
I always felt there has been a passion for food and wine in this region, which is one of the main reasons I started the Festival nearly three decades ago! I do think that in recent years there has been an increase in the amount of opportunities available for people to experience food and wine in approachable settings, which has led to an increased interest in the pair.

kitchen_spotlightchefbrucephoto source: Boston Wine Festival

Are there any special new wines, guest chefs or pairings this year that you’re particularly proud of?
As the Chef of the Boston Wine Festival, I am always looking to add new wineries to the lineup. I love to bring vineyards to Boston that I believe are rising stars in the world of wine, and introduce them to the market in Boston, and beyond.  As for newcomers, this year I’m particularly excited about ROCO Winery (February 9) featuring the newest venture from Argyle Winery’s Rollin Sole.

For the first time, The Boston Wine Festival will also host numerous winemakers from South Africa in March during a week of events dedicated to the region and inspired by my recent travels there. I am equally as excited about the well-recognized vineyards we have returning to the Festival. Whether the vintners have been with us just once, or for the past 27 years, they always bring special vintages from their cellars that are hard to find or not available for retail, which offers a truly unique experience for attendees.

Thank you Chef Bruce!

For more information, visit Boston Wine Festival

wine_spotlightchefbrucephoto source: Boston Wine Festival